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Lana del Rey vocal range

Name:Lana del Rey
Country:United States
Vocal Type:Lyrical Mezzo-Soprano
Range:3 octaves(B2-C6)

Some people say Lana del Rey is a bad singer and her voice is weird,I must desagree.She has a different,almost unique vocal type that create some polemics,but the Lyrical Type of Mezzo-Sopranos can move to Sopranos easily with hard working.Here is the most accepted video of her vocal range to prove it!

This another video is Lana´s live vocal range,registering a little decreasing of notes and some Alto notes(with that smooth rough on her voice).It always happens because live you need use more low notes than highs,or you end up your show without voice.Eveybody does it.

This is an interesting collection of low notes,registering A2-E3.Sometimes people like highs,but we need the lows.

On the full song screen,I choose “Blue Jeans” because the way she move her voice from lows to highs,some Alto notes is awesome!
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