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Austin Mahone vocal Range

Name:Austin Mahone
Vocal Type:Light Lyric Tenor
Range:3,2 octaves(G2-C#6)
I like Austin Mahone and for so long I was trying to make a good vocal review about him,fortunatelly,now I have videos to do that,I really got surprised(positivelly)

Austin started so young on music,but he´s considered a Light Lyric Tenor,in other words,he has a versatile and ample vocal spectre full of possibilities from low chest to high head voice.This video is based on album “Secret”

For whom compairs Austin with Justin,this vocal battle singing “Mistletoe” would be good to make up your mind!Just vocal techs,nope over this!

Just kidding,Austin recorded this really deep chest voice try,isn´t it SO sexy LOL

Now he´s showing some high head voices and falsettos and playing guitar,no effects,just techs ;)

If you´re a old school mahomie you´ll feel emotional listen his vocal changes over the years!

For full song screen I choose “What about love”,my fav at all
Wish you like it!
Enjoy,share and follow =D

thingsarebetterindreams perguntou:

What's the difference between an alto singer and every other alto related voice range like contralto and deep alto etc..

Great question!

An Alto singer has a special voice,with a little rough,reaching notes lower than a Mezzo or a Soprano.

But not every Alto is the same!

A Deep Alto,reaches real low notes and have an androgynous timbre like Tony Braxton or Cher.

A Lyric Alto sometimes is confused with Mezzo-Soprano because reach higher notes but keep that characteristics of Alto.

Bruno Mars vocal range

Name:Bruno Mars
Vocal type:High Tenor
Range:2,5 octaves(E3-C6)
Some people call Bruno Mars a CounterTenor but the best label for him would be High/Fach Tenor.
He has a young fresh and light voice,reach real high notes as chest and head voice,and speed is his best quality

Unfortunatelly the screen above is the only tech video I found,but for full song screen I choose “Treasure” because you can clearly listen his high head voice notes!

Enjoy,share and follow =D

Ronnie James Dio vocal range

Name:Ronnie James Dio
Country:United States
Vocal type:Low Tenor
Range:4 octaves(F1-)C#2-G5(-A6)
Unfortunatelly we just have 1 tech video about Ronnie James Dio,but it´s enough to appreciate his amazing powerfull Low Tenor voice,thick and high as the same,check this out!

He was really clever when he grew old and didn´t reach that highs so easily,so he started to record and make live presentations singing 1 octave under he used to and using more chest voice,and became more Dramatic this way.
For full song screen I choose “Last in line” because “Holy Diver” is TOO obvious!Anyway,both classics and perfect songs :)

Wish you like,share and follow =D

12 years without Layne Staley @aliceinchains

Everyone knows Layne Staley was a Low Tenow/High Baritone,but today completes 12 years he left us.
This post will be a compilation of best/rare moments in his memory!
RIP Layne Staley

Layne and Mike Star(laso dead) interview for canadian TV in 1992

Layne´s death report on much music news(april 2002)

Layne Staley full last show with AIC in 1996

Death tribute to Layne and Kurt from past years

Collection of best funny moments with Layne Staley

20 years without Kurt Cobain

We all know Kurt Cobain was a Low Tenor/High Baritone,but today turns 20 years without this incredible artist(vocalist/guitarrist/composer)left us and,as a trully fanatic,I´ll select a collection of best/rare videos in his memory.
RIP Kurt wish you finally find peace.

The full “About a son” film-a rare and respectufull tragetory of Kurt Cobain

“Left out dial” Nirvana and Kurt Cobain story part 1

Kurt Cobain last photo session(1994)

“Rise and Rise” VH1 Kurt Cobain documentary

An horror movie Kurt and Krist Novoselic recorded in 1984

A compilation of Nirvana interesting and funny moments

Chris Cornell(Soundgarden,ex-Audioslave)vocal range

Name:Chris Cornell
Country:United States
Vocal type:Baritone
Range:3,5 octaves(F1-)B1-G5(-E6)

This is the most tech video about Chris´s voice and it´s perfect!
He has an strong Baritone voice,too heavy for a Tenor but high enough to reach an A5 or C6 on head voice(not falsetto),all of this full of extreme rage.

This video is a vocal test in Australia in 2012,Cornell is just singing random tunes but showing his potencial.Nice to watch as curiosity.

For full song screen I choose “Outshined” of Soundgarden(early 90´s) because this song is amazing,a classic of Metal or Grunge Rock.
Enjoy,share and follow =D

tAtU duet vocal range

Name:tAtu (Lena Katina and Yulia Volkova)
Vocal Type:Lena(Light Lyric Soprano)
Yulia(Coloratura Mezzo_soprano)
Range:Both in studio(C#3-G#5)
Lena almost 3 octaves(C#3-D5-G#5)
Yulia 2 octaves (F3-G5)

Everyone reminds tAtU but never expected a tech post about their voices!I got crazy when I found it,thanks Alex Max =D

This video is perfect because shows all vocal development of both singers,since 1999,when they were just teenagers on “All the things she said” to best of(2011)
Lena Katina is considered a Light Lyric Soprano because she has a versatile voice,dominating chest and head voice and also knows to sing as Lyric Contralto.
Yulia Volkova has a specific timbre,so particular,but she´s really good on high head voice,sustaining the 5th octaves for long time on “Not gonna get us”.
I haven´t found their vocal ranges separetly but I guess their best song is “Not gonna get us” because of this G#5 head voice sustein.

Enjoy,share and follow =D

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